Before I start my new blog post, I would like to sincerely apologize to my followers and myself that the requirement of “a post per day” is not fulfilled. The experience of writing the previous post using my phone’s 3G was unbearable so today I have decided to use the library’s Internet, thank goodness for that.

Creativity and blogging
The short amount of experience in blogging really gives me no authority in providing opinions, however I do felt that blogging requires not only skills but a creative mind. When you are struggling in blogging means your mind is blank and you have absolutely no idea what to write. But, a very effective method to trigger your “brain” is to just randomly surf through the net, watch television for news or advertisement. Amazingly, a word or an image may just sufficiently provide an inspiration in writing a post per day. People daydream, not because they are lazy or escaping from reality but their mind are actually processing an array of plans, pictures and at the same time gradually consuming the imageries in front of their eyes. Creativity is not innate but it comes within you. You have to focus and not distracted by other casualties that may prohibit you to the world of fantasies. Not everyone is able to become a dreamer. What makes a successful blog? The numerous blogs that we follow and countless of posts that we like, why do we actually like them and what makes us follow the blog? Is there any specialties that capture our attention? Thus, a blog must place readers and followers as their priority. Somehow, people who are average writers are able to produce a piece of article that relatively having many likes…And we wonder whether is the header is interesting or the style of writing is really publicly acceptable and probably it is easily understand or sometimes provide a certain kind humour. Therefore, I felt that blogging is really something fun to do as it articulates with creativity which I really do see the importance in it. Creativity emphasize on flexibility and liberty, of course generally there is no right or wrong. That is the power of my hobby.


I’m back.

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