A fish lives in a vast territory of the blues.
Challenges settle in as the wave takes it to and fro.
There is no destination as it is in a circle.
The harsh living condition that continuously embarked on it.
A fish that never grew tired and swim without any direction.
Lost in such a way does not meant giving up.
Do not belittle in such a fish as it has an attitude.
It has a little knowledge, a little wisdom and some little persistence.
All these littles add up and become such great attitude of the fish.
Yes, it is just a fish that no one took notice of it.
But, who knows whether one day it will at least have some attention from others.
The attitude of fish has proven to be full of ambivalence.
It seems to be wishing in aiming towards victory but yet it does not like to compete with others.
In the world of the fish, no one gets in but most get out from it.
An eerie feel will forever grows on the fish as it sees the hardness of assimilation and integration in the dark mysterious sea.

Attitude of a Fish

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