Short note of the day

It is better to be laughing, creating this invisible pain in our abdominal then to cry till our heart grows virtual thorn. Happiness is amazing when you are able to embrace yourself to anyone and certainly you feel the time just moves in blurry streak. In contrast, sadness is meant to be dispose yet it is alwicky stuck in the inner ground within our body. Frankly speaking, the grief is wrapped like a rock, suppressing the liberty of pleasure. A picture of happiness with widening smiles on the face and unstoppable laughters will gradually brighten up our day. We see the outburst of tranquil and excitement. Humans develop interchangeable feeling and emotions towards people and objects. There is love and hatred which intertwines with either being happy or sad and sometimes a mix element of frustration. We feel the love surrounded us as happiness flows in the air during those moments. Depression embodies us as we feel the hatred and disappointment towards a particular person or object. The representation of some events trigger both happy and sad emotions which make such ambivalence. I felt happy to be experiencing a different world and a new environment yet there is a sudden nostalgic of the past experiences revolving around my close family in a familiar comfort zone. Sadness evolve while I miss the history.

When I was happy, drinking water gives me energy and sweetness infuse in my throat while I drank the water. When the negative mood takes over, water is difficult to be swallowed and there is a slight bitterness lies within the water. Emotions are hard to examined because it is such an interpersonal aspect in our life but I find it an interesting issue to be debate. Each human is different and this offers the impossibility of explanation when we try to provide a general assumption on this matter.


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