Work-life balance

When work is part of our life, sometimes we just need to put a stop for everything temporary. Humans switch off their brain does not equal to slacking off, it meant resting in order to create an equilibrium in life. Our life constitutes of work daily for almost 24/7. From early morning till night, activities are ongoing from the simplest task to the most complicated ones. Even during our bedtime, our brain still can’t stop thinking the dilemmas in life, the plans for tomorrow or the future and of course anything revolving around us. One of the ways to achieve work-life balance is to get put from the hectic work and experience the most relaxing around our closest people which includes family and best friends. To earn such balance in life, spend some quality time with them and build up the relationship. Try turning off electronic devices and other work distractions during weekends, family day and friend’s gathering. The apparent changes may be hard for workaholics. People tend to struggle when it comes to work vs family and it is difficult in achieving perfection for both areas. Some may be successful in work but forgets about family values and the importance of bonding.  

Each human have a different ranges of roles been played in every single day- wife, husband, mother, father, doctor, teacher, daughter, son, student, leader, fireman, police officer and more to go. It organizes an array of fixed responsibilities for us and we inevitably have choose whether to do our job diligently or not so diligently. Stress empowered us as we could not cope the responsibilities shouldered on us. The never ending work seems to be piling up throughout our life, yet we forgot to take time and rest our mind. Chores, family, finance and job are pretty average what adults are focusing on at the moment and even a basic physical time is lacking for themselves. They woke up, they rush, they sigh, they work, they complain, they still work, they came home and sleep. What should we people do to halt this cycle? Sit down for at least half an hour to enjoy your meal or drink a cup of coffee without thinking anything, without worrying anything, without reading work-related documents, looking at your agenda or studying. Try to stop and take big breaths.

When we argue on work-life balance, it does not mean to put an end on your work and travel around the world with your family, enjoy your life to the fullest. Even you are a billionaire, you still need to work to fulfil the criteria of the “work-life balance” philosophy. Work-life balance is not a difficult term yet sometimes not everyone able to grasp the meaning in it. Is it necessary refer to time? Is it the balance time spend on work, family, personal relationship, food, health, finance and friends? When there is one part of your time has to sacrifice for the other part of life means your work-life balance is absent. Also, your lifestyle is incomplete if you go beyond of your working hours. People either play more than they work or they work more than they play. Play can be entertainment, leisure and family life while work can be job, financial issues and study life. People who are undergoing the hustle bustle city life seems to be resting in a wrong way. They glued themselves in social media sites, check out videos on the Internet, of course watch television and play video games. Is this correct? Ask yourself, do you feel energetic or the slightest peace of mind after doing all these? Why not just go outside and talk to people or do something more meaningful rather than overload yourself with more brain jobs. Well, you do need your skills and brain power to play your games. Therefore, you are not resting!

Back to my point, I would like to suggest that work-life balance is something near to impossible, nevertheless you could try your very best in making this come true. I have mentioned about physical time and it is not entirely meant that sitting down and drinking coffee will make your life easier and having the work-life balance. It is just one of the way in slowing down the hectic life of yours. You have experienced all areas of your life and you would have already decided your favourites and dislikes. If work is too much for you that you virtually feel sickening then you should probably use some of your physical time for hobbies. Everyone has a hobby-cycling, drawing, dancing, cooking, reading and writing. Getting yourself outside of the work circle and enjoy yourself with something you like is overwhelming. I know people may question this simple way but it really proves to be effective. It is definitely worthwhile to be able to do something out of your work-field because I understand a lot of people could not pursue their career based on their dreams. The reason may be is too contradicting to reality or they feel themselves not being the best chef, best dancer, best singer, best swimmer or best writer. A corporate worker likes cooking and cooks well for her family. She enjoys doing cooking everyday as her hobby. Indeed, a work-life balance for her because family bonding is implemented through her fabulous cooking and cooking is her favourite past time. If she is happy, has a job with a balanced of both work and leisure time then she has achieved the work-life balance.

Another technique to achieve work-life balance is immense yourself into some spiritual time. Spiritual time is actually quite personal and not everyone is able to throw themselves and enjoy some quality spiritual time. The word “spiritual” itself is quite a mystery and if you are able to “let yourself go” then definitely you are spending that form of time. Why does it related to work-life balance? As day by day, we become breathless from the unstoppable workload. Soon, you are “mentally” exhausted then you just wish to knock yourselves on the wall which also means you are about to go insane of the stress working life. Yoga and meditation are introduced in order to succumb the situation. Meditation is a subconscious activity which allows you to relax your mind and soon you will feel energized as though you have prolong your “battery life”. First, breathing activity is a must then close your eyes. Relax every parts of your body then just imagine yourself been released into the air floating without any worries. Yoga is an activity that encourages relaxation and stability. By stabilizing your yoga pose and having the correct breathing, you will feel the moment of releasing yourself and the power within yourself. Lastly, work-life balance is not a trend. People can choose to continue in doing what they desires. However, it is best to learn in balancing your lifestyle between work and other activities involving people around you. Learn to love your precious body, mind and soul and they will give back the love to you too by presenting the positive mood and emotion in you, help you to release the stress in you and bring the best out of you. Our life lies in our decision so think about it…

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