Two Is Better Than One

I know everyone must be thinking the song by Boys Like Girls ft Taylor Swift. Before that, I am a little concern of the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon. I would not discuss upon the political side of the story but focus on the life paradigm. The lost of a loved one is not a mere traumatizing occurrence but also a heartbroken tragedy. Therefore, we do not want innocent lives to be sacrifice and it is unethical for terrorists or whoever who did this especially to an eight year old child . I offer my deepest condolences to the deaths and the countless injuries from this pandemonium.

Initially, I was skeptical of choosing this topic but I want to be challenged. The title just suddenly appears in my head. Therefore, here it is. I know boyfriend and girlfriend cannot live without each other and relationship is meant to be long-lasting, thus two is better than one. It is better to have someone by your side; remembering the things that we did, the staffs that we like and dislike. We tend to associate “two is better than one” with love story just like the song which is filled with sweetness and romance. We love to receive love and give love. Love is not just through actions of intimacy but respect, honesty and understanding. Just like a magnet, does two poles make better than one? North and South poles attracted to each other whereas North and North, South and South repel. A perfect two requires time to find a good or suitable half that forms the perfect “magnet”. Conflicts are raise upon which makes the two being separated, becoming one. When you are the only one, it is not a bad thing as gradually you will find freedom and more opportunities in searching for someone that makes” two” with you. Of course it takes quite some time but throughout the process, you will still get love from family and friends. Experiencing the “two” can be quite a blind phenomenon as you could be distracted and definitely becoming dependent on such “two” life.

Two does not necessarily refer to a couple. Two can be reflected on family. Having said that a single mum or dad with a child can make up “two” and suddenly the single parent or the child is dead in an accident then it would be disheartening for the alive one to carry on with his or her life. The child would probably be send to an orphanage if he or she is still a kid whereas older one would continue searching for someone to replace the pain of losing the other half. Single parent will be the most devastated as he or she has not only lost their partner in divorce or other causes but now the loss of his or her only child adds on to this trauma. Imagine been adapted by the life of living with your only dad/mum or only child in the close family, suddenly he or she is gone. The support from each other, the happiness revolving around that person and the companionship has slowly fade away and sometimes in a blink of an eye. People who are living in a complete family, having parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Losing anyone is solemn but still you still have other family members at home. Why is it so important to have two instead of one? Humans are naturally people who can’t live alone. Even anti-social people have at least someone to be there with them, talk to them or console them. There are people who just blatantly claim themselves as lonely, alone and the only one and they are just beguile as we have someone there for us after we born into this world and soon we continuously searching for more people to eliminate the loneliness and to remove the mark of being “one”.

Out of the relationship context, having two partners in a business, project and assignment is better than one which is all single handed.  However, there are still people who prefer individualism and to work alone. I see two is better than one in this situation as more ideas are generated in a project and having two brains is definitely better than one when facing a critical situation. If two cooperate greatly and collaborate the innovative ideas, we will see a piece of work as more powerful compared to a one man job. In business when profit or loss incurred, it is shared between the two partners. Joy is shared not alone but with the other partner and this determines the effort been paid off. For loss, we see as having the support of each other and one will motivate the other to stand up and face the failure. In every profession, we see the need of two instead of one. We need nurses just as much we need doctors. Nurses are able to assist doctor in surgery and take care of the patients. We need teachers just as much we need students because teachers are not able to carry out teaching if there is no one willing to receive education. Director is important in making films but screenwriter plays a vital role too in creating the story of the movie.

After an insight of the “two is better than one” philosophy, I felt relieved that I am living in a world of “two” and more. Most importantly, I have the love, care, support, encourage from my beloved family. I am living in my comfort zone. I knew the cruel reality of some other people’s world with no such fortune background. Then I thought of so many benefits of being two instead of one, yet one is not so bad sometimes. Such contradictory is common as I know I as a human is always doubtful of the choices I made. Once I have locked the decision, there is no turning back. That makes the choices between wanting to be in a relationship or remain single but then again everything depends on fate and destiny. Sometimes, we are not authorized to choose and this does not include career whether we prefer to work in a field that encourages team work or single job.


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