Age matters?

I have never imagine a day when wrinkles and spots appear on my face, the diminish of skin elasticity, grey hair, decline sense of hearing and movement. I am only 20 yet I am full of paranoia upon this ageing process. The population of elderly is gradually increasing and compare to the number of babies that are born, the equilibrium of old age people and children are not yet to be reached.

We knew that “born, live and die” is a natural cycle that people are aware. After some time, everyone has to undergo the process of ageing. It is not a traumatic fact but a mentally and physically upheaval. Does age really matters to us? If someone asks about my age in a casual conversation, that person found out that I am younger than him or her. I have noticed that the person of the same sex will be pissed off or something whereas the opposite sex wouldn’t really care. This shows that women are more likely to be conscious of their age compared to men, but that does not imply that men do not took notice of their age.

Our physical appearances intertwine with our age. Therefore, it is important to take care of your skin, remove access chemical products, clean your face properly, stay away from UV rays and maintain a healthy body. Anyways, I would like to ask once again “does age really matters?” Old is associate with all the negative forms of adjectives from useless to stubborn but as a younger generation, I knew I will be pinpoint and marked too by other younger people when I have reached the old age. This gives me fear and of course a warning, thus treating the elderly in respect and polite manner gives me a sense of comfort.

Being rude and try to be rebellious are not the correct ways in changing the situation or to even improve the relationship between us and the elderly. If we tried to remove the age stereotype, we will probably find some kind, fun and loving elderly. Age becomes like a record of your life experience. The older you are, the more experience that you have faced. You have probably gone through a lifespan of 70 years with encountering countless of global major events and personal life experience. It is beneficial to share such remarkable life stories to the younger generation, teach them, guide them and lead them to a better life.


History is not a mere recording of the past but becomes a recorded past lessons and mistakes for the futurists to remember in not repeating them. Sometimes, old people can be wise and thoughtful. They provide advice that is useful in life. Younger people learn from them, absorb their stories and this is pass on from generation to generation. Of course age represents your maturality. The longer you have live, the longer you have encountered life and so you knew when to settle down, when to be serious and when to be playful. People of the older age are more matured in terms of thinking, attitude and actions. Thus, physical appearance is still not the main factor in presenting your age.

A lot of old aged people are constantly trying to cover up their age by covering up flaws that expose their old age. They went for beauty surgery to improve the skin couture. People who don’t look old according to their own age shows that they are perfect, fit and have maintained their body in well condition. Once in a train, I saw an old lady who wears a long wig, fake eyelashes, plastic double eyelid, lots of make up, dress unlike of her age and this really does shows that age matters as people put in lots of effort in trying to make themselves look good and it becomes a norm that everyone wants to stay young and zestful. Old becomes unpleasant and pessimistic in the eyes of most people.

But of course there are some who see “becoming old” as a beginning and entering of a new phase, it is something pleasant as you are finally able to relax, settle down, do not have to worry about work, fame and studies but retire to do the things that you want. Of course, sickness and illness are old age best friend. That obstructs old people to carry out certain hobbies and eat the food that they desire. They said age is such a contradiction towards our life. When we are young and bubbling with energy, we can’t do the things that we want as we have no ability in earning a living. Young people have to focus on studies and build up a great future. When we are adult, we really couldn’t do the things that we want as we have no time as time is mostly spent on work and family. Then finally when we are old, it is sad that we still can’t do the things that we want even we have all the time in the world as we are sick and inactive compared to the youth times. Therefore, appreciate the times that you have and take ageing as something neutral rather being so obsessive in being young looking. When we are young, we should spend time in acquiring knowledge and wisdom skills as our inner structure is still the most vital in life.


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