Throughout my life, I have been constantly receiving gifts from people. There are of course gifts that are not as meaningful as compared to the other. Gifts, that some are just perpetually priceless to me. I wonder why do I deserve such gifts. I was skeptical with my thoughts which I feel on top of the world referring to the positive ways that people have treated me, yet certain times it was not good at all. Everything is just fate and meant to be whether the gifts you received were crappy or wonderful since little until now.

During my high school times, I have watched this reality show called “Sweet Sixteen” which records rich teenagers who celebrate their major sixteenth birthday with huge crowd and of course expensive party. The reason for bringing up this is to associate the way they are being treated in respective with money and power. Born with a silver spoon in their mouth, we see them receiving expensive gifts, spending their parents’ money to organize their so called perfect birthday party. When some of the episodes shown are teenagers that weren’t satisfy with the birthday gift from their parents, they were just frustrating. Such children are not meant to be living in this world, they aren’t taught properly about the philosophy of “gifts”. Their eyes were blinded with obsessing materialism which is just unacceptable when they do not have the ability to even earn a living. 

Philosophy of gift was just based on logical thinking, it is easy to digest but difficult to take it as a sustainable attitudes, habits and behaviours. I understand all of us have distinctive tastes in looking an object or item, you will instantly tell yourself whether you like something or not. However, the most important thing is to not disappoint the person that has made an effort in choosing this gift for you, whether the gift is not sincere or genuine. You must respect the relationship and bonding with that person and learn to appreciate and value things positively, rather than judging it based on money and sophistication. 

Giving hand made cards to my family and friends has always been my forte as I think this is the best way in showing sincerity and effort that you have put in. However, I have also came to understand the flaws of human relationship. Not everyone appreciate this form of gift and they do not actually care about it. However I am glad to actually met some who think coherently as I do. Throughout the years, gifts are represented as something to signify gratitude, love and politeness. Most culture see it as a big part, therefore it is imperative to master the skills of both choosing the right gift and giving the correct reaction towards a gift. 


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