Time to get moving!!

The sight of boxes and boxes being stacked till the top.
I was amazed with the objects tucked inside the boxes.
It wasn’t messy until you open each and every boxes.
The dusty boxes creating dust and forming an unpleasant ambience.
Situated at the basement, air flow was limited and the workload increases.
Scissors cutting the old boxes and the repetition of tape being pulled was heard vividly.
Slowly, the alleyway is just chaotic which I find it like a war zone.
Everyone kept themselves busy, cooperating and helping around.
I was too travelling to and fro, chucking away old cardboards and unwanted wastes.
Keep looking through the boxes, you find items that have parted with your eyes for quite some time.
There are some you may find it useful, while some you wonder the reasons that you have kept them in the first place and some objects which trigger good old memories.
From photo albums, antiques, video tapes, cassettes to huge collection of toys. There are certainly a myriad of things to be discovered.
Once the work started, there is no stopping except for bathroom urgency.
We were fortunate that it was cooling in the basement so there wasn’t much perspiring occur.
For the past six hours, getting the job done is a sigh of relief but there will be more coming until the day we settle down.
Never have I experience this and yes, this does signify new beginning.
Once again, an unfamiliar environment empowers me and soon I have learn assimilation and adaption.


Time to get moving!!

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