I am not a shopaholic. I do serious shopping when I really need to. Often I find some fun time and enthusiasm in looking around new clothes, shops and stuffs. However, there is something amiss after going to the same shop and looking at the same stuffs for several times in a particular month. The similar patterns of commodities being display in front of you seems attractive at the beginning but somehow becomes dull later and you won’t even bother to look at it. 

Sometimes, mood do influences shoppers. A shopper who just lose a job definitely is not desperate or very delighted to do some shopping. Unless, we see some exceptional cases where people tend to release their tension or stress by doing something they like such as shopping. But if you perceive it in a simple note, people who are not into shopping is just not interested in shopping and their emotions do not really matter. The shopper’s companions who lack of interest would definitely create unnecessary conflict with the shoppers. 

Basically, shopping involves using money and sometimes we have limits and budget in purchasing items. Therefore, window shopping is a great way in spending time with family or friends without a penny. It is a great way to share your taste, style and preferences. In another way, getting more understanding of the person and improving the bond between one another. We tend to critique something that we see in shops when we set our eyes on them, whether they are pretty, bizarre, unflattering, cool or unattractive. By giving opinions and create some discussion definitely allow a flow of effective communication with a mixture of laughter and seriousness. 

Shopping has always been everyone’s favourite past time and it has become a constructed norm of human activity. Everyone just wish to own all the stuffs display in boutiques from accessories, shirts, dresses, shoes to jeans. It is fun to watch people of different ages doing shopping. I see children begging the parents to buy the toy and I see how two middle-aged women discussing the valuability of a blouse. I have also spotted a couple trying to look for something decent for each other, playing around with the clothes. I have seen serious men, all glued onto technological stuffs such as camera, laptop, mobile phones and video games. 

Shopping malls has become a hub of boosting the economy. Although many choose to do window shopping, some may not resist the temptation of possessing the material(s). Moderation is the key to enjoy such activity. A lot have said that their hobby is shopping but to what extent that you really enjoy it or just because everyone loves it, does it mean you have to follow them? You love to stay home and read or you love to watch movies at the cinema, so why bother to waste your time shopping when you can enjoy the past time that you adore more? 

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