These days, I have been craving for success. My life of wanting to survive in the rat race becomes a never ending roller coaster ride that seems to slowly mandate the perception of myself and the emotional attachments. My fear of failure gradually seeps through my vein and the empowerment of self-esteem and self worth becomes the entity of life.

The two words “success” and “failure”, both signify life that is often learned and lived. Just like stepping stones and stairs, someone will get on the top with perseverance and patience. However, with clumsiness and the lack of will power brings that person remaining in one of the steps or falling from the top to the bottom.


The famous Australian actress, Cate Blanchett says:” If you know you are going to fail, then fail gloriously!” Understanding failure as a lesson to be learn and ensuring the change of attitude towards failure. Even though it is miserable and unacceptable, life still goes on. So stand up and move on!

Everyone has the dream of being successful. Success is measurable and is often associated with a person’s wealth, whether he or she is promoted at work and socially active with the people around him or her. The context of success is constructed based on social norms. Success is categorized into different levels. In my case, success meant getting good grades and not failing and this becomes a fix conceptual idea that is mentally circling around me. I have realize that I am on a journey on the road all alone. I am not participating in a race with others, rather it is an individual race trying to win myself, accept myself, go beyond myself in terms of skills and potential.


The way we are so addicted into becoming successful is because of the joy and praise that will be constantly fed onto us. The idea of broke, got fired from job, rejected and laughed by others are just too painful and devastating. Just when everyone was arguing that they would not ask for too much in life, they would still definitely trying to get ahead of others. The perception of falling behind is just unacceptable.

Success is possible and you can own this face of pure accomplishment (Picture above).

Everyone can be successful, is just how you measure and how much you desire of becoming successful. Sometimes, little things that makes you happy giving you the sense of accomplishment makes you successful and you just want to say “Yes! I did it!”. It does not matter how people look at what you have accomplished but how you look at what you have did that measures success. This is the reason why accomplishments are pure, success is pure, simple and genuine.

We find success in everything we do rather than the numbers in your bank account, your grades and your market value. It is true that these are labels that mark your success but people have to gone through the things they do include failing to get to that level. Nobody is born to be successful and being successful at the initial stage of life does not mean that you will be on top forever. Just look at child stars that were earning so much at the beginning. Then later on, their successful turns the other way round when they are involved  in crimes and negative social issues.


I find this picture interesting with the quote “Success it’s not always what you see”. You may find people having fame and success in their initial life, but you can never predict the final outcome of their life. Some people may be poor and not intelligent but they too can change their life from worse to a better one. Success depends on whether you reinforce the awesomeness in you and of course all the attempts that you made in life in order to achieve the ultimate goals that were set. Having a dream means having a goal and by having a goal, you will have actions then results. Achieving a result of going to the top is simpler  than you think when you shift your mindset and judge climbing towards success as aura of possibilities and wonder.


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