Have any of you heard of “fried sushi”?

It is a word filled with contradictory as the traditional Japanese cuisine does not really presents their sushi in such a way.  Someone told me that this is just ridiculous, the way they treated the sushi. Surprisingly, they would not even attempt of trying the dish.

I myself love trying new things and of course I do not mind trying “fried sushi”. As a foodie, you must be adventurous and be enthusiastic of the food being served to you. Respect every food that is been cooked or prepared for you. Anyways, the idea of fried sushi is actually derive from other types of food you have normally if you compare it to fried ice-cream or even Japanese’s fried tempura.

I think food really cannot fits into the word “authenticity” completely but thoroughly as some cuisine influence other cuisines indirectly. We must understand that there is no authentic-ness in our food. We consume food in a way that there is a constant cycle packed with repetition and innovation. For what I thought, there is no way in arguing the authenticity of a certain type of as long as the food is pretty good and digestible. We will always have certain new ideas and methods in presenting a dish or our food, that food soon becomes popular among the community. Soon, people accept that particular food and categorize it as one of the types of food in our human history or listed under a certain types of cuisine. Even, normal housewives at home refer to recipes in cooking and modified them sometimes. People praise the food “authentic”, is totally ambiguity.

Taking a step away from food, authenticity is always articulate with writing. Are there actually an authenticity in writing? The ways we write by looking at the grammar, vocabulary and phrases, I could argue there is definitely at least a match of 30% with any other pieces of work that people have written. Often, people said to improve your writing is to use other people’s writing as a guide. As certain styles of writing influence us, we tried to maintain a way of our own to be creative. Everyone has their own characteristic when it comes to their writing style and certainly it is not easy to say who imitate whose writing, unless is a full plagiarism. Look at the media, compared the same reported news in two different newspapers or e-newspapers. There is definitely a distinct difference between the two articles, yet there is a rule fixed onto writing a news report. Therefore, no authenticity can be found from writing. Unless it is from long, long time ago where people first created language and words. That period’s writing is authentic as there were no one or nothing to allow them to copy & paste.

However, I am not saying there is no authenticity in our culture. My point is to reflect a non-linear image based on our culture and that authenticity has ever been so refined and volatile. It can be serves as a mark to imprint ownership. By having an authentic materials to be presented means holding the originality and there must be skills and talents to replicate or derive the ideas from the authenticity. It does not meant objects that are not authentic are weak and blend. Everything depends on that person’s context of acceptance and how they took account of new things and things that are copied. In our lifetime, we have watched a number of television shows and films. Besides that, games that we played, music that we have listened and the clothes that we are wearing now. I think gradually you will realise that everything is just the same as it is. Films and shows will always contain certain meanings, values, characters, violence and romance. Games will have violence, challenges, levels and obstacles. Music will either be slow, fast, soothing or hard metal. Clothes that we wore would be almost similar if you ask me, is my choice whether I want to dress very femininely or a slightly boyish style.

If I wanted to discuss authenticity in a broader context and in a complex way, I would have done so at the beginning of my post. However, I have always favour in looking things in simplicity and I do like to emphasize of not obsessing about authenticity. I would suggest to let things flow naturally and it will soon develop in its own unique way. Every ideas produced are unique in their way and undeniably we came to accept them if it is fairly coincide with our world. It is definitely not so bad to have yoghurt ice-cream. It is yummy and healthy so why not? It is okay to watch Elementary after watching Sherlock Holmes or CSI. 


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