Workshop from 5 to 7

Recently, I have attended an interview workshop. Haven’t actually been to an interview, I really am shock to find out how important non-verbal communication is as compared to verbal communication. 

Normally, you would heard interviewees are constantly worrying on the words they said, whether they are properly used and whether the grammar is correct. They are afraid of using the wrong English or having twisted tongues. 

I think people who has the interview skills does not necessarily make them a good instructor towards people who are facing difficulties in becoming a successful interviewee. By demonstrating the interview style in a workshop, only 10% chances that participants are really gaining the skill of that particular demonstration. The best is coaching and plenty of practices to actually develop a good interview skills.

Most people that are going for an interview is struggling with conversation between him or her with the interviewer . The presenter actually said is alright to start the interview in a comfortable mode rather than a serious one, but avoid being too casual and informal during the interview. There is a key factor that puts the interviewer off no matter how good your CV and your academic qualification, which is a bad first impression.

What constitutes bad first impression?

During the first 7 seconds or less, we have already form a first impression on every person that we set eyes on them. Instantaneously, we will be looking at the attire, the facial features, the posture, the walking style and gestures. Every of these little aspects must not be neglected. 

I think what interest me is the statement of ” a handshake tells the characteristic of the person.” We were carrying out this activity and is known as “hand shake speed dating”. I have came across different types of handshake. The presenters joined in as well. One of them said mine was not firm which makes me a person who is lack of confidence. 

Throughout the workshop, there is never a dull moment as I have actually get an insight on how interview actually operates. The fact that not only you must did research on the company that you are going for an interview but also USING THE STAR CONCEPT to answer certain type of compulsory question that you will definitely get in an interview. If you have mastered the skills of answering question regarding your leadership skills by using STAR concept, you would definitely nailed it. 


Besides that, the vital tip in an interview is to remember your tone of voice which is categorize under the non-verbal communication. It is best to show your enthusiastic in speaking to the interviewer and answering their questions rather than a low monotone voice which is boring and unbearable. Soft and unclear answers is prohibited in an interview. Always smile and if they make a remark, make sure to give a response of a nod. Do not afraid to ask questions after the interview but definitely not on how much you will be pay. Remember to send a gratitude email to your interviewer to show your appreciation.

I understand how it is like to go for an interview. You felt butterflies in your stomach, afraid of failing to get a job. Everyone is desperate to get a job and live their life to the fullest but there is always a challenging phase that we have to go through before reaching our goals and dreams. 

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