Climate change

It becomes a common phenomenon that our weather has changed dramatically.

In Australia, it is a usual entity that sets in the norms of Australian from bush fires, heavy downpour, sea-level rises, heat wave to drought that critiques and reflects the changes that took place upon a global perspective.

Look at last year’s summer, the temperature breaks the old record and some days became the second hottest day in Australia’s history. According to the Climate Commission’s Report, the increasing intensity and frequency of extreme weather in Australia is due to climate change.

Emission of greenhouse gases that greatly contributes to climate change and people are targeting at increment of temperature as low as possible, rather than wishing to have the temperature decrease.

I would suggest that people are doing something, must carry out for the rest of their life to ensure the issue will not become a dilemma for the next generation. A stability of the climate must be sustainable. Humans do aware of the issue and has been figuring out what to resolve and attempt to “pull out the weeds from the ground”. Emotionally, we are empathy of the victim that has to suffer from the natural disasters, yet at the same time we feel fortunate that it does not occur on us yet. Sooner or later, we will soon figure out that this flow of weather changes will set on each and every one of us. The grief and the sudden trauma which not everyone could handle all to themselves.

This catastrophe of climate change is haunting as it reflects the guilt of human beings from the past and to the present. We knew there were major changes that humans did on Earth. There are less greenery, more pollutants flowing around the air and animals that lost their habitats. The action of human beings that create a huge impact on climate change. The weather commotion is often driven by the greed of human and wanting to make out of the most from what is given to them. The land that is given is developed into a high rise building as investment, business purposes and the aim of marketization.

The Climate Commission’s Gerry Hueston, who recently retired as the president of BP Australasia, stated that business risks are gradually increasing due to the extreme weather. Besides that, health is influenced due to the sudden change of weather in a short temporality. Today, the sky may give out scorching heat of the sun. Tomorrow, it can be windy and raining cats and dogs. This transformation definitely send out a message that depicts certain negative warning. Warning is also presented from research and observation from organization including the CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and domestic and international universities. On another interface, Hueston felt that the future will not take this as a problem to solve as the impacts were already being felt.

I was talking to an elderly and she is the friend of my aunt’s friend. Well, she complained about the heat wave in Malaysia and not wanting to go back. She is not used to the lifestyle in Malaysia and her body inhibits an eatery without air-conditioned. Living in Sydney for quite a long time, the weather just prevents her body in adapting to different environment and the climate change. Humans are something unconsciously aware that turning on the air conditioned destructs the ozone layer which is a fundamental protection layer. However, they still do it despite the worsening condition. Their needs have to be satisfy and is a priority to them. Wanting to enjoy the cool air even it costs undesirable consequences.

I am writing this not as a climate awareness campaign representative. I am not a very environmental friendly person, yet I am neutral on environmental changes. I take it as a warning and punishment of what we did. I complained hot when it is hot. I signed when it is raining. I blamed on the weather and at the same time I blamed on myself too. I went into an air-conditioned shopping malls. I used plastic bag from bio-degradable to non-biodegradable. I brought along my recycle bag for shopping. I try to save water and of course totally despise smoking. I wasted paper and recycled them as well. I did everything I could. I am not trying to make any changes in people’s attitude and behaviour towards environment because we know everything does not comes easy. When environmental and climate change issue is such globalised, actions carry out by certain organization is insufficient. We need every individual to make commitments and contributions and it is crucial to have sincere hearts of wanting to turn over the situation from worst to better.


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