Window of opportunities

Today, nearly one in six people around the world cannot read or write. (global campaign for education)

Every human has the right to receive quality education. This is to create a knowledge-based society. Knowledge is the power where it is able to demolish poverty, inequality and deprivation. It is such a fundamental necessity, however not everyone is lucky enough to gain this fortune. 

Literacy is crucial to personal well-being, to the development of communities and nations, to health, to personal autonomy and to political participation and governance. (Global Campaign for Education)

Education opens up a window of opportunities. Changing the world in a positive way is the goal but people who received education wanted to transform their respective life into a better condition. At least, allow a world with everyone being able to obtain elementary and basic level of education such as reading and writing. 

It is disheartening to see people who are obstruct from going beyond of their living condition. The window of opportunities is shut and imprison the children in an unknown box of future. Children from low income countries or family are not able to acquire basic skills and competencies such as critical thinking and problem solving. 

This issue has been an ongoing struggle for everyone. People who received notable education from the civil society and are concerned of this issue are trying to help those who lack of this “amenity” . There are world organizations that form campaigns and programs which definitely help in improving the condition and lifestyle of the children in terms of education. 

However, these organizations must ensure a continuous of adequate teaching and quality learning materials. Commitment is required to prolong the window of opportunities. Given the fact of having well-trained and motivated teacher, conducive learning environment and sufficient funds, the effective learning often depends on whether the children are keen in stepping out from the window of opportunities. Besides that, encouragement from parents and friends is vital too in keeping children attached to education and be proactive in learning.

Education often intertwine with opportunities as it opens up different pathways and journeys , creating a wide range of chances. People may use education as a commodity, produce a market filled with skilled and talented who contribute to society. 

Just like any other human rights, we must recognize the role of education in a global perspective. There is nothing like a good education, being able to voice your opinions, see the world, read the world and judge the world. Some might worried that the door of opportunities is shut, but always remember the window is always left open. Once you have attempt to giving yourself an education, you are catalyzing a road of a bright future. 


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