Looking into the future

The wide variety of frameworks below helps me to examine the relative past that some are quite daunting, filled with guilt and of course there are lessons to be learnt. The present is just the freeze of time, waiting the future to invade our world.

  • I am not smart. I am not talented but I have a clear and ambitious goal. My goal is often articulate with dreams. I aim my way towards the ‘target’ and the final destination. Decision is made in a split second. The future is determined from where I want to go, what I should do and how will I get there.
  • I saw one and a half year old child demanding an iPad from his parents. He refuse to go to bed as a normal child. He cried and plead for that technology tool. Children preferably wanted to stay indoors. The future of our children is reflected from the current phenomena.
  • My family especially the elder generation told me that a bowl of noodles with an abalone in it is less than a dollar. The cheapest outside food is currently around $5 just to satisfy the hunger. Consider the future of our market, anything that is demanding and requiring labour work are gradually facing price increment.
  • Going out for a drive, there is a building construction going on around the area. I signed and wonder do humans really lack of places to live and settle down? People are using the houses and buildings for profit purposes rather than necessities. The future of the human population will coincide with the business changes.
  • Resources are free and nature is a given. Humans take it for granted. People need more spaces to create their ideal world. Trespassing the nature without seeking any permission, is it a sin? Respect the environment and the habitat of animals is not easy. The future of nature will be destructed in a way beyond orientation.
  • “It wasn’t that hot last year during this time of the year.” “The weather just changes after one night, I was freezing after waking up.” I thought is autumn now but it doesn’t look like its autumn. Even the trees can’t recognize the season and behave accordingly to the weather. The future of the weather will be quite unpredictable.
  • Division of the rich and poor is a common sight around the world. We see the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. The lifestyle and maintenance are different by classes. Imagine a future with equality that everyone possess equal amount of wealth, who will hold control? Nobody needs help from one another.
  • Tradition practices and cultures are often taken away by the older generation. They tried their best in leaving behind to the younger generation. However, mind changes and thinking becomes modernized rapidly. Everybody wants to move forward instead of backwards. The future without our previous culture practices is equals to abandoning our identities.

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