Story telling

Each of us have conflicts in our life and that includes the characters in the movie. To perform a story telling is like acting a drama which is in a pattern of ups and downs. Human experiences could be express in a series of films and play which has meant so much from generation to generation.

There is often a purpose in creating or producing a story. Information is given, meanings lie within the construction of plot. Sometimes, it could be educational or entertainment purposes. In a complex way, films totally stand at a critical position in society. It has the power to flow across different communities, across countries and around the globe. Let alone a short video, the popular culture of film industry is at the booming period since the late 19th century. 

  • According to Standler & McWilliam (2009, p.133), “Film is a visual medium, so professional screenwriters create strong images and let the pictures and action tell the story, rather than spelling out characters’ thoughts and feelings or expressing the meaning of the film in dialogue.” 

An explicit feeling of visuality and aurality evolve around us, connects us with the story. Predominantly, these contribute to the depth of the characters in the films and illustrate the distinct sequences of the story. Films are not told like a news broadcast or a talk show. A sequential pictures and dialogues are told to gradually allow the surfaced of meanings. The descriptive action of dialogue and visual action are both equally imperative in making a successful film. With the eyes and ears, I could physically glued myself to the film if it is captivating enough. 

Undeniable, a good film will get audiences to engage in the story emotionally and mentally. A tragic film gets the tears out of the audiences or get emotionally touched by particular scene that triggers the unconscious memory of the audiences. A comedy provides laughter and relaxation. A horror film allows audiences to feel themselves trap in the world of fear and despair. An action packed film generates tension among the crowd. Before we came to encounter the medium of television, we have books of story telling. Visionary, it is lacking. Interestingly, the mind arranged the plot of the story and effectively allow us to understand the story world.

Commonly, various of films are derived from novel. Author and script writers are truly gifted people in producing such versatile ideas and myriad events in a story to draw audiences into the story. Besides that, producers and directors that produce the film technically and perform the screenplay into a master piece collaborating with professional actors and actresses.

I love the way that there is always a main character in a film or story that he or she has to face a critical moment, a challenge or a tragedy in order to offer a mystery or a question. A question whether the character will able to reach the goal or will they succeed in overcoming the obstacles that they have came upon. 

Films has always been part of my life and there will be many and many more films continuously setting into my life. They will virtually affect my perspective towards certain values in life. By watching “The Pursuit of Happiness” by Gabriele Mucciono, I could visually understand the poverty stricken lifestyle, be empathy towards the character and most importantly knowing that determination is compulsory for success. 


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