Childhood memories


Eventually, everyone misses the moments that we have spent when we are little.

The first temporal narrative of our life which all the tiny bits of stories added up, to form a puzzle with our childhood memories.

When we are still naive about the things happening around us. We were ignorant, we weren’t concern about studies, work, death, war, politics and disasters. We were carefree. Life is just so relaxing yet filled with countless of memories experiencing the world. Children are often adventurous and curious of their surroundings. I was curious of the technologies, the colours and the conversation between adults.

To our parents, we are angels and devils at the same time. If the adults are lucky, they will find us entertaining, cute and adorable. If they are not fortunate, they will find us screaming, crying and demanding for something.

Anyways, certain people are blurry of the times they spend during childhood. Some could not recall clearly what they did. This tests on how well their memories are. What do they do? What do they play? How do they looked like and behave?

We have recorded taps of my sibling and I watching Disney music videos from Lion King to Beauty and the Beast. The songs just kept on playing. We seem to never get enough of the repeated routine of merely watching and singing along. This is the reason why the songs are able to etched in our minds vividly.

Besides that, my memories as a child include jumping on the bed, playing London bridge is falling down, mulberry bush, musical chairs and hop scotch. Then, reading those books with pictures in it, learning to swim, fake kitchen cooking and playing Babie dolls. There is no resolution of this story until I have reached a new phase of my life.

One part of the video is when a food chase occurred between me and my younger sister. She was munching some crackers and enjoying herself. When I approached her to grab a few, she resisted and ran away from me with her bowl of crackers. I ran after her of course. Like any other children, we have fun from doing all the little things. We hit each other but get back together quickly. Somehow, our heart do not take it seriously during that moment.

Once I thought that I was braver as a child. We are bolder in acting and behave whatever we desire. In our dictionary, there are no pride and embarrassment. Only have we realize that being silly now actually made us a foolish.

The difference of being a child and a grown-up is the mind. Our mind inevitable becomes matured, well-structured and complex. Childhood memories are simple and happy. The adultery world gradually developed its complexity with mind-boggling life questions, jealousy, competition, greed, fear and pride.

It is weird that children has always dream of becoming an adult. Wanting to be like them, able to have freedom, buy the staff they want and do whatever they like. I remembered myself trying on my mum’s high heels, thinking I will be a corporate worker with office attire and high heels plus a decent handbag. Never thought of the harsh life of growing up, having to face challenges.

When you think you have conquered high school exam, it is over? Nonsense! Wake up. You are still not reach half of your life. Be prepared to wake up from childhood memories. We can only smile and look back the times of no worries, cheerful and optimistic side of us. We can never whined the clock back and experience the same phenomena.

There are people who suffered from unhappy childhood memories. They will certainly relate their past as daunting the present, making it traumatizing. Not everyone has gone through a happy childhood. As a parent, please provide the child an unforgettable yet joyful experience. It can be the best stage of life.

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