The Art of Beauty


Beauty remains a mystique long time ago, fascinated by the constant attraction dawning on it.

Why do you think people emphasize so much on beauty? In the human world, beauty becomes the first impression based on the facial features, the clothes, the body and the gestures. These constitute the framework of beauty. A framework of beauty generally speaks upon countless of perspective in viewing this topic.

Besides that, things around us such as the beauty of nature are to be looked at and invites the eye of admiration. The beauty of art that abstractly welcomes different ways of seeing. The outer appearance of a beauty generally produce gazes from his or her surroundings.

There is huge contrast between the ugly and the beauty. The objectivity of beauty is often constructed directly and in a contradictory way. Doubted with your eyes, yet continuously drawn into the world of looking and admiring.

Beauty can be in many forms from a genuine beauty, a fake beauty, a strong beauty, a fragile beauty to a wild beauty. You can be pretty by showing your courage, you can be pretty by showing your determination, you can be pretty just being silent, you can be pretty by just being yourself…This will go endless.

Plastic surgery becomes a common entity that no one questioned of the reasons for the actions. Who wants to be ugly when they have a choice?

A fake beauty is still considered as a beauty. People are amazed of the transformation. The powerful image of changing from before to after, indeed a shocking fact. Unacceptably, people still look at their face that has been invaded by knifes.

Interestingly, there were people feel ultimately manipulated by the fake beauties, that their attraction is just cast under spells. Well, comparing to a genuine beauty, their attraction too is cast under spells. The outer beauty just a coverage of their inner side. The inner form is hiding away from the beauty. Afraid that people will find faults in their not so imperfect side. What if the inner beauty is equal compared to the outer beauty? Really? Then you must be someone from the movie character like snow white or Cinderella. I am doubtful in succeeding in the mission of seeking for someone like them.

Why do we said Mother Theresa is a beauty and an angel? The reason is that her heart is beautiful, we find kindness in her. It has been so intriguing that beauty has sometimes transformed in the subjectivity of the internal feature of the positive traits that one has, rather than just focusing on the “skin”.

Once, I have watched an Asian film- “The Painted Skin 2”. It revolves a story between a creature and a princess that stuck in a dilemma of wanting each other’s possession. The creature wants the princess’s heart to keep warm, stay alive like a human being, able to smell flower and not being cruel. The princess with her destructed face wants the creature’s beauty that is able to captivate her dream man. Soon, they agreed to exchange their “skin” and identity. This really does inform us that beauty is such a vital commodity that someone would rather use their heart to exchange for it. At the end of the movie, the male character blinds his own eyes in order to persuade the princess that he do loves her.

Beauty may fade across the passage of time and you will soon know that eternal beauty is just a fantasy. Having your heart being truthful, kind and sincere means you have won the battle of struggling between the choice of inner beauty and outer beauty. Realization enters our heart, telling us that beauty is not everything. Possibly that it does impact part of our life. Treat the gift of beauty, appreciate it and do not take it as granted. You will never know what the future holds. A person who are not gifted as beauty, appreciate the inner beauty you had within you that will probably be stronger than the outer beauty of others.


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