So humans are that simple.

There is once a rich man who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Unhappily at heart, he thinks that he would not survive. Then, he seek help from a renowned doctor living in a deserted area. The doctor examine him and said:” This illness only has one solution in curing, no medicine in the world could do it. I have three remedies which you must follow each of them. They must be practice after one at a time.

At home, the rich man opened the first remedy and there is a sentence saying:” Please go to a beach, lie down for half an hour and do it on daily basis for 21 days.”

The rich man was doubtful but still carries on. Eventually, he did it for two hours. Because he was so busy that he had never experience such comfort and relaxation. Listening to the sea breeze, the wave and the calling sound of the sea gulls were just divine.

On the 22nd day, the rich man opened the next remedy which requires him to find 5 fishes, prawns or clams and throw them back to the sea. He must repeat this for the next 21 days.

He was sceptical but eventually did it. Interestingly, he felt emotional every time he threw the fishes and prawns back to the sea. As if he has done something sincerely and with kindness.

During the 43th day, the last remedy is opened and requires the rich man to use a twig, any twig to write the despair, unsatisfactory, frustration and unhappiness on the sand.

The rich man’s written words are washed off by the waves, gradually a sudden realisation dawns on him that make him cry. At home, ease surrounds him, he felt delightful and not fearing of death anymore.

People are unhappy because they do not attempt in learning these three things:

  1. Rest
  2. Contribute
  3. Let go

From the above story, we have realise the little things make up into big thing in our life.

Firstly, rest is the best thing ever. Some said rest is to allow you to go even further in your journey of life. Many do not appreciate the resting time, they go beyond human limits. They have wasted their time on studies, entertainment, work and business. Try to let your brain to have a break. Close your eyes just for a minute, you feel as if the world you are standing is beyond the universe. You feel great!

Secondly, contribute makes you happy. You feel that you have the purpose to live in this world. Contribute means making an effort in making the world a better place to live in. Why do people initiate changes in society? Why do negative issues appear day by day? Why people create campaigns and wanting others to be aware of the issues? Therefore, consider ourselves to be fortunate in able to help others. We are lucky to bring hope to others.  

Lastly, I reckon it was the most fundamental in letting go. Put down the past as they are history. Remember the past as an experience rather than tragedy. The burden on everyone’s shoulder should be taken. There are people out there that creates the frustration and anger in you. Why bother thinking of vengeance and make ourselves unhappy? We should thank them in letting us learn an unforgettable experience.

This is just a partial ideology in guiding us to a happy life. There were a lot more and of course stories that allow us to associate the meanings in it.

p/s: The story above is not under my copyright


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