Perfection is irradical. I can’t be perfect. 

There is no perfection in this world, however perfectionists exist. I remember how people praise the hands of God in creating this beautiful world for humans to live in. This world has its flaws and perfection is never to achieve. Think about natural disasters and think about the smell of air pollution, think about the world with people sacrificing their life, people that are suffering from hunger and poverty. The world that we are living is full of greed, desires and darkness. Certainly, there are hope, dreams and love which support the imperfection of this world. Some people may view the world optimistically and some pessimistically. Therefore, there is always a contrast between the two. The relationship between perfection and imperfection lies in a world of extreme distances.

I wonder how perfectionist view the world and how others view the world comparing to them. Having high maintenance all the time is tiring yet the effort always paid off. In this sense, we cannot view perfectionists as a negative element. Judging their exhausted lifestyle yet a wholesome entity, others can sort of empathy and jealous of them at the same time. Wanting everything to be perfect is not a sin, but it is a sin when you as a perfectionist goes overboard. “Why not just chilled out?” 




“I want this to be perfect!” Such direct and contradict sentence. When you create perfection, there is always people that disagree with it. When you think this is perfect and want something to be perfect, there is always someone that creates a level of perfection higher than yours. It is a never ending fight or competition. There is no winner or losers.

Look at the world. Politics have corruption, cultures have their dark side, society having endless of criminals, boyfriend cheated on girlfriend, abuse occur on human rights, the chicken is undercooked, racism occurred, war continuing, ageing process and a lot more examples to show that the world we are living is not perfect so why bother in changing? Why bother to become a perfectionist in improving the world.

Undeniably, everyone always wish to live in a better life, wish to live in a better position and place. We move forward, we have goals and visuals, we want improvement and more. More is never enough too, as people are never content with their lives. Inventors trying to improvise their piece of invention to make human life as perfect as possible, without needing to remain at the same initial level of humanity. Traditional is knocked down, modernization is supported. Why? Because modernizing and perfecting the world is always better.

Imagine a simple step of spreading glue on a paper. A perfectionist will attempt their best to have the glue evenly spread on the corners and edges of the paper whereas someone like me will just be happy enough to have sufficient glue on my paper to stick in. 


 However, viewing perfection in another perspective. Self-esteem is the key factor in achieving such thought. “Everyone is perfect and we are living in a perfect world. I am perfect just the way I am”. We are just trying to change and improvise to make this place a better world to live in. We negotiate to bring peace instead of war. We communicate and tolerate with the imperfection of others. Not just humans, we tolerate the flaws of current transportation, technologies and food. We have teachers to improve the grades of students but the effort of students is imperative too. We have the older generation to inform the younger generation of their life mistakes just so we will not repeat the same mistake, making our life perfect, picture perfect of course.But, the decision still inevitably lies on the younger generation.  

“Practice makes perfect, but nobody’s perfect, so why practice?” 
― Kurt Cobain

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