A dream that is guarded by both angels and devils.

A sleepless night of darkness dream dawns on you.

An energetic night of brightness dream shine on you.

Feeling in utopia when happiness, achievement and love greets you in the dream.

Feeling depression when anger, frustration and horror welcome you in the dream.

Once, a dream overpowered humanity, driving someone’s sanity.

Mind is full of questions and uncertainty whether is true or false.

Thoughts are filled out with dreams. Space is occupied gradually.

Yet, dream is such blurry and unclear. Sometimes, drawing us into the world of realness and believing the land full of impossibilities.

Remaining in our unconscious mind, separating a world between reality and fantasy.

Dreaming of the desire in life, dreaming of the wonders in life, dreaming the negatives in life.

Unknown place with the mixture of good and bad.

Constantly wondering whether this is part of our life.

Wake up one day trying hard to remember the dream, but it is long forgotten and it is long taken by the dream guardians.

Struggling in the emotions that embodies in dreams, variation of moods and feelings.

Analysing the meanings and figuring the reasons of such dream existing.

I love dreaming when I am able to escape from the cruel, harsh reality that stress and challenges kept charging towards me.

I despise dreaming when fear comes into me with dream full of pessimistic- failure, horrifying experiences and awful images.

The dream is like an array of images and events forming a non-linear narrative. It can be a story but a fragmented one, bits and pieces from here and there. Combination of such pictures resulting a never ending story throughout our life.

People got famous because a dream, inspiration overflow and offers a creativity mind.

People got insane because a dream, nonsensical thoughts overflow and a misjudging mind appears.

Dream when you can dream, sleep when you can sleep, it is a fate of whether the dream coagulates with your mind or repel it ultimately.




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