Breakfast is probably one of my favourite things to do throughout the day. The first thing I woke up, I drink a glass of water and settle down to pamper myself with a good meal. I often like to plan and be excited on having breakfast even though I eat practically the same food daily.

What exactly constitute in the framework of “breakfast”? We often find a number of answers towards this question, yet none of the answer perfectly fits into the definition of breakfast. Breakfast is easily illustrated but definition is almost subjective. You could argue it is the first meal of the day, it only occurs in the morning, or in details you could state that it is a process of food consumption from 4am-10am? Well, 24 hours McDonald’s in my country starts their breakfast from 4am-11am.

The purpose of writing this post is not to inform people the importance of breakfast but critique the imagery of breakfast that happens around us and emphasizes the importance of taking breakfast.

Breakfast existed because people tend to get hungry after a long night of sleeping and resting. The brain and body is charged and so energy is used up during that process of repairing the system. To be honest, that is just my answer that suddenly pops into my mind when I asked myself:” Why is breakfast created during morning? Why do people not wait till lunch time so they could save some time and money?” Without any research and Google-ing, I started this post independently based on my thoughts.

Anyone can have breakfast depending on your appetite and mood. Humans are emotional creatures and that perpetually affects their daily activities, of course that includes eating breakfast. I find it hard to just sit down on the dining table and eat the first thing I woke up, unless I felt really hungry that I could eat a horse. Health scientists said that it is best to be mentally awake before having your breakfast. Let your stomach awake before you swallow any food into it. Allow an hour to prepare yourself before breakfast, you can clean yourself, read the newspaper, do some stretching or just go for a jog. Of course, some may not even have time to do all these. I think it can be done if you really wish to do it.

I would like to discuss about the breakfast theory in my perception especially it intertwines with time. Some people may find it hard to stick to the ordinary biological clock by waking up at the right time and eat at the correct moment. An individual’s regular routine is much relatively structured based on the habits that they performed daily. People who are “night owls” basically can’t get enough sleep if they woke up at 6 in the morning so I would say 10am is the time that they should be awake. After half past ten, that person carries out eating and so…does that really counted as breakfast if he or she drinks a cup of milk just to suppress the hunger before lunch time? Well, most probably that person could adjust her food timetable back to normal in that way by eating lightly and wait till lunch time comes around. However, I would not say it is a proper manner.

Skipping breakfast is just wrong. Some of you may wonder there isn’t such a need to be so particular with breakfast and you must be thinking why am I even reading this?…But I really wanted to write something unique so just bear with me. One of my aunt doesn’t take her breakfast and she will have her breakfast during lunch hour which is what I usually ate during breakfast-Oats. What I have observed is that she tends to get hungry during dinner time and wouldn’t be satisfy without snacking after dinner. That does tells the impact of not having breakfast. Eating too much during dinner is a “no-no” fact that has been legitimate for everyone. You will be bloated and your digestion will take quite some time too. Nobody wants your food stuck in the stomach which eventually becomes a fatty layer right?

By having a proper breakfast actually helps you to eat less during lunch and dinner. The period between breakfast and dinner is quite distant so why does breakfast actually affects the intake of food during dinner? This time it wasn’t about whether you skipped breakfast or not but the food you have taken during breakfast. Is it hearty? Is it heavy? Is it delicious? If you had a slice of cheese cake and a cup of coffee. You will be most likely have a higher tendency in choosing the same kind of food during dinner. As human always has a desire and that the desire will never be enough so this will just goes on and on until you have a way to remove from your mind completely. Well, I guess having a satisfying and delicious breakfast does give you a good mood.

Breakfast significantly made my day a little bit of completion. I would not rather kick start a busy daily schedule of stress and exhaustion without it. I think it provides a certain kind of energy in making you look forward to everyday in your life. On Monday, people just get those laziness in their bones and breakfast sort of encourage me to move on. Telling you that this is going to be a perfect day!

Indulgence in gourmet breakfast during the weekends is a treat for yourself by being “obedient” in weekdays meals. Well, not necessary for everyone. Many would just have a good breakfast just almost everyday. I enjoy the aroma of a lovely breakfast plus the food that lingers in the taste buds. You just couldn’t get enough of it. The joy of having breakfast is always something to look forward to. Sometimes if I really do have a bad breakfast, bad as in unhealthy such as pancakes with maple syrup. It does not cause as much burden compared to having ice cream at 12 midnight. Breakfast in that sense gave me comfort even after indulging such fatty food.

Besides that, breakfast is the first bonding time of the day. With your family or friends, chatting and enjoying the splendidness of breakfast is totally remarkable. Usually, every Sunday is a family day. My parents would go to the market just a couple of distance from our house to get breakfast. Then we gather to have a “feast”. The word “breakfast” never really separates the dimension of cultural difference between people. Everyone needs breakfast and inevitable we share the same value through breakfast. I have even came to understand such little thing in our life consists of easily adhered principles. Compared to global issues that everyone is concerning right now such as ethnic issues, war, crimes and racism, I would like to draw people into  thinking matters of simplicity that occur in our life. It is because people drew their attention into bigger matter that they have abandon the smaller matter in a corner. Some may think it is not important but there is definitely a bigger picture into this subject.


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