I love watching people dance. When I hear upbeat music, I just feel like moving. Started to learn dancing since 2011 when I was crazy about K-pop especially Girls Generation. Learning their dance steps and master them to perfection as if I am going for a competition.

However, this is not enough…

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program. I wasn’t too keen in joining this sort of activity in the first place but after joining the gym, I have decided to have a go.

It is definitely a worth going fun program and just spiritually amazing. It has been less than a year since I started zumba and now it becomes part of my workout routine on a daily basis IF i have the time. However as university workload increases, I have only been twice a week.

Zumba is known as a fitness program because it does perpetually allows participants to sweat in abundance with all the movements, of course participants have to really put in effort. Zumba is not an activity that suits everyone for exercising purposes as some may struggle to follow the dance steps. Therefore, it is a waste of time no matter how much effort you have put in.

For instance, my aunts have tried zumba and thinking it wasn’t that effective for fitness purposes so they would rather go for running and weight lifting instead.

I suggests passion is the key to loving something and yes, I love passion fruit but that doesn’t mean passion will grew within someone after eating it.

So, back to main point. Dancing in a zumba class is just fabulous. The ambience is a killer especially you are not alone. I have tried Wii dance at home with a remote controller on my hand, it doesn’t lasts long at all. Wii does not provide the sense of realism. You are dancing but you aren’t really dancing the the right context. There is something lacking, an atmosphere, an enjoyment, a real space or is it all three of them are lacking?

Zumba class is carried out in a room filled with mirrors with the instructor standing in front leading us. There were people surrounding you. You could feel the group dancing with you and having just as much fun as you do. I feel that the existence of people having the same interests as you does influence your mindset in how much you love carrying out that particular interest.

One thing about Zumba is that you have a sense of satisfaction after you have mastered the dancing steps of every songs. You could literally dance along quite easily with just a few peeks on the instructor. The most crucial thing is that zumba instructors are mostly friendly and fun to dance with. They are professional dancers, unlike us amateurs yet they are humble to everyone of us.

Songs are catchy and sometimes it could be very Mexican style or Indian style. Well, some may think those songs are unpopular and dancing to the songs might be cliche. You might still consider Zumba as pop songs are used as well such as, Usher’s Scream and Havana’s We Run the Night.

Exercising is beneficial but having fun while exercising is like “killing two birds with one stone”. Move around, shake your hip, twist your waist, jump up and down, turn around and never stop in Zumba will lead you to a momentary effort but long term result and satisfaction.


One thought on “Zumba~!!

  1. Hey my dear, guess who am I, recently I’m in love with Zumba too , I attend the Zumba class in my gym centre…I love the songs with together the moves… Hehehe Everytime after gym I feel so good and refreshing XD … Let’s us slim together šŸ™‚

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