An accident is described as unforeseen and unplanned events that occur unintentionally. There are major accidents and minor ones too. Throughout our life, we have witnessed accidents and disaster that threaten the life of numerous from innocent people to undesirable circumstances.

The most recent accident is the Maharashtra bus accident which has killed 37 people. We really can’t say that certain accidents are destined to happen but a lot of factors which foster the happenings of accident internally or externally. Referring to this sort of accident, it could be the driver at fault or the road condition in India which inhibit the bus from moving towards the right direction.

Society has significantly made a big deal out of a small accident that occurred on famous people. For instance, the Australian model-Miranda Kerr was involve in a car accident which has left her wearing a neck brace. Everyone was so concerned even though she is not seriously injured. They are concerned whether she could still cat walk with her injured neck. On the other hand, there are plenty of accidents that many lives are sacrificed which people are not bothered. There are people that lost their important body parts which affect their daily movement, changes their identity and life. The 9/11 “accident” which contributes to many victim suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the future, they may be afraid of the dark or having fear when trapping in an enclosed area.

Accidents are tragedy. To some, the lost of their loved ones is a painful matter to handle especially accidents have no prior notice compared to cancer or other sickness. Just yesterday that a 17 year old student accidentally shot himself in a shooting trip. Devastated by the sudden death, family and friends unbearably have to accept the truth. However, the same incident is perceived differently. Some may be mourning for the victim’s death, some may just be empathy of the event and some may just take the news as a normal daily occurrence where someone is dead again. We usually do not feel the same compared to the family of victim. The disheartening accidents always provide lessons to those who are still survive. We who are still surviving must be alert at all times, better still, carry out precautions and never break the rules that have been set.

People may be stubborn and that sort of attitude will lead to a higher proneness of accidents. People who are stubborn to even buckle up their seat belts is one of the good example. People who choose to speed on the road or people who does not abide to safety measurements. Sometimes a little decision leads to an undesirable action. Throwing a cigarette bud on the floor is not a big deal? Well, who knows that probably it can set on a fire that causes a few deaths. There were parents putting their toddler without any care. Guess what happened? The toddler wants to grab something above the television. However, the television is unstable so that leads the drop of television on the toddler. Hospital is a place that you can’t escape when accidents happened.

Sometimes, we looked back that both intentional and unintentional accidents are actually similar. In that sense, precious life is taken and pandemonium is occurred. The other thing is that nobody wants it to happen. Everyone just hopes for a peaceful world with no war, crimes and accidental deaths. Unfortunately, this would never happen.

Just this morning before I set out to university, I have witnessed an accident. It was not a major accident with blood and body parts flying around but a bicycle did went flying. A car hit on an incoming cyclist. The cyclist was half conscious, cried in pain on his leg. People on the street stopped to help him. I pray that he is alright. This was my first time ever witness the process of an accident. Even though, it is not a pleasant thing but this accident sure does inspires me to write this post. Well, accidents will not happen with the word “if”. If the cyclist be aware of the cars around him, he would have been safe. If the toddler has someone to take care then accidents would not happen. If the leaders of two countries negotiate properly, there will be no wars between them and no life will be sacrificed. If there are so many “if’s”, then we are not living in reality.


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