Movie review: Oz, The Great and Powerful


As I have not been watching any movies lately besides during lectures, so I have decided to take a trip to the cinema and have some popcorns.

When I was on my way to the train station, I have been looking at this poster of the upcoming movie since the very last two weeks before it is first aired.

A movie go-er, I was curious how Hollywood will create their movies again? I wonder how Disney going to present their creativity.

I though to myself that whether they will ran out of ideas one day…

I guess that is ages away. Anyway, so guess what? This blockbuster made the top in the box office movie.

Walt Disney sure always did a pretty good job in knocking down other movies.

To be honest, the movie wasn’t a wow factor to me at all. I have always like Disney movie but this was just not on my list.

The only credits I would like to give is the framework and graphic images which are just too stunning to behold. Just like from the Avatar movie, the scenes just captivate the audiences with its beauty and charm.

I would like to critique that the film does not really presented in a coherent way, rather a partial of elements are jumbling.

I am not saying that I am confused. I think I really do have a new perspective in looking such movie. I have used to accept the norms that occur in this particular genre, everything is magical and nothing is impossible.

The fantasy that goes around my mind was like an illusion yet sometimes they are so real that I will just choose to believe and regurgitate.

For example, the tornado that transport the male lead, Oscar/Oz  to the land of Oz without a threat to his life? Sharp wood pieces that was flying everywhere too.

A flying and talking monkey that is loyal plus a broken leg China doll which is able to walk again with the help of glue? Flying baboons army?All these little things counts as the creativity of such narrative.

The movie appears to be quite caution with its traditional style of plot. There were the antagonist and protagonists. The good people always live happily every after and the bad people always either fled away (probably to have a part 2 Oz?) or they have just been swallow by Death.

Movies always provide a lesson or two to the audiences. Oz: The Great and Powerful is not an exceptional.

Here is the brief summary on the story…

Oz (James Franco), a magician and a playboy who flirts with a wife of another man. The man chases Oz and wanted to kill him. Running away and stepping into a hot air balloon, he struggles in a tornado. Then arrived safely in the land of Oz. A wizard, Theodora (Mila Kunis) stumble upon him and claimed that he is the prophecy’s wizard that is able to assist her sister, Evanora(Rachel Weisz) to kill the Wicked Witch. Theodora also falls in love with his charm and sweet words during the journey back to the castle.  Oz could become the king and have the all the richness in the land. Attracted by fame, he agrees to help and boldly went to the dark forest. His mission is to destroy the wand of the Wicked Witch. Along with a monkey and a china doll which Oz have save their life. Oz encountered Glinda (Michelle Williams) in the cemetery. She is discovered as the good witch and it took some time for Oz to realize that Evanora is the Wicked Witch. Evanora knew that Oz has sided with Glinda. She manipulated Theodora against Oz by saying he is just a heartless man, trying to win the hearts of every woman. Then heartbrokenly, Theodora ate a magic apple offered by her sister which turns her into an evil green skinned ugly Wicked witch. The only way to survive for Glinda and the people of Oz is to depend on Oz in his tricks that are able manipulate objects to create illusion. Fooling the antagonists, Oz successfully prove his credibility to become King of Oz. Well so Glinda and Oz shares a kiss at the ending part. Theodora just flew away, fearing Oz’s greatness and power. Of course, only the good wizard, Glinda is cable of killing Evanora. Evanora was casted by spell and being took away to somewhere which I am sure she will not come back. The End

The movie tells us the limitation of human beings like Oscar/Oz. As a magician, he uses tools to act in front of his audiences to make them believing him, having fate in him. That is his power, the power of human being. The great human is able to use their positive trait in making things into possible. Of course the good always triumphs over evil. It also teaches the boys not to flirt with any girls and mess around with their hearts. Girls are just unpredictable and you would not wanted to hurt them. Another lesson to be learn is to have fate in yourself, be confident, be persevere and of course be loyalty. Lastly, we saw the normal daily contexts in our life like friendship between the trio and how family is portrayed as something valuable for the china doll.

p/s: I like how certain parts are entertaining and humorous. I love Michelle William’s make up and gestures. Her elegance once remind me of her Marilyn Monroe movie.

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