10 Amazing Life lesson from the great Albert Einstein

1. Follow your curiosity
We see how curious people are able to gather more information. Curiosity does n’t kill you so just be analytic and judgemental.

2. Perseverance is priceless
Determination is the key to success. Without any willpower, tackling the challenges in life would be difficult.

3. Focus on the present.
As we know that time travel does not exist and therefore present connects with the future. By concentrating on the present, it guarantees your future.

4. The imagination is powerful.
Being conservative and not flexible in your mind obstructs you towards a great idea and creativity in your heart.

5. Make mistakes
Our past and history are recorded to remind us that the mistakes we made are permanent marks. There is no way to cover up but rather we should learn from them.

6. Live in the moment
YOLO (You Only Live Once) I guess the moments that we are living now are considered the best especially the presence of family and friends. Enjoy that particular time as time flies rapidly.

7. Create value
Living in this competitive world, everyone has to strive their very best to survive. The most imperative thing is to sustain or create the value in yourself, making sure you are useful to the society.

8. Don’t expect different results
Earn what you work and therefore do not expect a different outcome or a better results. We get what we ask for or we do not get it at all so don’t expect more than any of that unless there is a miracle.

9. Knowledge comes from experience
The seniors are always seems wiser and smarter compared to the juniors and that is because they have live a year, two or ten longer than the juniors. Experience is achieved across the passage of time.

10. Learn the rules and play better
You can’t play a game before you learn the rules. People would not respect you if you break the norms or the rules. Losing badly in your life is not a good option.


10 Amazing Life lesson from the great Albert Einstein

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