Short lesson

Once upon a time, a girl who is born in a happy and contented family without having to face any financial issues, then just suddenly her family business went down. She has to work and study at the same time to support the family.

Cold and hungry sometimes that she struggles to maintain her sanity.

But looking at the sky thinking about her goals in life, she did well.

She went for a pageant and came in first. Her dream is to live her life to the fullest.

She pursue her wishes in another country. Going through her career from an amateur to a skilled matured actress. She has successfully build her career.

There was once a man who lives in a poor family. Dad is a police and mum is a housewife.

He has always wanted those soft drinks during the summer but they were too poor to have one.

He was not good in studies during primary years so he was send to a foreign country not far away.

Missing home and nothing much to do. He spend quite some time in his studies.

Finally, manage to go overseas to further his studies. The family was proud and now he can have as many soft drinks as he want.

A young teenage girl started on drugs and alcohol during her final year in high school.

Unable to study, she failed to study in a university.

The road ahead of her was full of “moss” and uncertainty.

She struggles to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Took her some time to finally live a normal life.

With her perseverance, she went to a culinary school. Now, she has a stable job in a restaurant, good circle of friends and a happy family.

Life is not a full stop but a never ending comma, articulated as an array of moments.

Survival in the blurry streak of time presents to us that life is a game, full of big challenges.

To stay on the game, you got to focus and never give up.

Opportunities in life are reachable in front of your eyes but sometimes approaching and grabbing them is not easy.

You have to got the courage and confidence. Not every chance given is yours.

Once in a lifetime, each and every person wants to be on the top.

One said that with determination and a fighting spirit, you will survive in life with the given period.

Determination has a limit too. Humans can be tired too.

Sometimes exhausted and thus falling to the bottom.

They got to stand up and face the challenge once again.

There is no one to save you from the trap.

Successful is not a mission impossible. It is possible. Successful people came through the high and lows before having a dream come true.

But, there will always be days of breakdown and some will rather escape from this harsh reality time then to stay on competing with one another for success.


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