Food society

Food is a necessity and explicitly represented as a part of our life.

Food can be discovered and explored to a certain extent that it becomes an art that visually you are able to connect with it and the people that shares that interests of food is able to form a bond that were somehow different and 

From certain perceiver’s standpoint, food can be construct in various ideas and meanings.

We as a human beings have a sense of recognition and we understand our needs and requirement in food. 

On a global casualty, we see food as to satisfy our hunger pangs, to get a joy out of it or to made a life out of it.

Wherever there is a need to gather between friends or family and maybe a company’s event, food becomes a must thing to accompany with the gathering. We name it, from school events to international business expedition, there will be food, food, food. 

A society, a food society is where you see gatherings of people, a crowd of people and the purpose is to indulge and to enjoy life. Life is all about indulgence. Therefore, their goals is to seek gourmet class food that able to satisfy their standards and to certify their achievement in their hunt for food.

I guess food society does in turn nurture certain kind of values in human. We tend to appreciate the culinary art and people tend to view highly of a person that performs remarkable culinary arts from Western to Asian.

Food society is not just formulated by the people from a well-educated or upper classes. There are many levels in the food society. You may think steak and wine is a good pairing, for some fried noodles and beer goes well too while some thinks that coke goes well with burger. The society that has a community enjoying food to their heart content from street stalls to fine dining restaurant. Everyone has a choice.

The decision is up to you whether you feel like a simple bowl of porridge or a good old steak from the pub. As long as you are living in a place that food was readily available and the sight of consumption food is seen, you are living in the food society. 

I would just like to say to stress the fact that food displays its vitality, we see the values in it.

We pay to dig in a better quality food. Sometimes the ingredients are simple and do not worth that much, however the master piece is created through great effort and long period of practices. Mankind that are living in the food society able to understand the reasons behind these. 

We have encountered a lot of changes from socio-politics issues, technological invention and cultural aspects in life. However, food has not separated from us, it is one of the embodies I shall say.

I have just came back from a journey to food society, the true fact is that the restaurant is named “food society” and that is the place I got my tile inspiration. Well, I must say the food has been decent and I am totally stuffed to the max!

I have enjoyed my day very much and coincidently, it is my younger sister’s birthday.

Although we are not standing in the same ‘food society’, we still share our love and often receive joy from the wonders of food. 


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