I still remember vividly the time I first created an email, the first moment I step into the world of Friendster then follow by the global trend of using Facebook. During that year, I was already behind others as I had my Facebook account created around December 2009.

Friends welcomed me and even strangers are requesting to become friends in Facebook.

Friends that I have not met for a couple years are available on Facebook.

I could basically knew what they up to and how are they. What are they studying? Have they gone in a relationship or single? Their photo albums signify their life and wall posts show their various states of emotion.

I started to upload photos too, wanting to share the interesting parts of my life.

By then, when my friends saw a “likable” photo that captures their attention. I guess clicking a “like” button becomes an acknowledgement and tells me that “oh, she saw this photo of mine.” or “oh, he does notices me.”

It becomes a responsible to update your life and it becomes a significant daily activity that must be done.

Going on Facebook becomes part of you just like eating and sleeping.

Facebook started the timeline and I could basically view my friend’s activities from the first time they had Facebook and beyond.

Facebook has become a hub full of social activities from chatting to sharing, from laughter to happiness.

People share jokes or funny videos on their walls, people share the virtues of life that inspires them, people left a random post for their friends saying hello. Not only that, news were spread quite rapidly on social media sites. By just going through your news feed, you could find the current affairs and the major events listed or links of other websites are shared too.

Besides communication purposes, people are able to make use of Facebook for business activities. For instance, a company creates a group and share among the public. They advertise their products and spread the information of the product. Therefore, this involves not just daily communication and information consumption but marketing purposes.

Facebook creates a huge wave of sharing and bonding via the Internet. It tells us that distance is not an issue and that constructs one’s relationship with the other.

It is actually good to have Facebook accounts in private rather than public as people may misuse your photos without permission and stalk your daily activities. It becomes a hazard to your life excessively.

Some people may find Facebook does not serve the communication purposes as verbal communication is very different from online communication.

It is easy to notice that some may find it hard to actually talk to that person face-to-face compared to chatting online.

There is a time issue that involves in this matter. We knew that there is a gap between one another when you are on Facebook but in reality, there is no pause and no distance between one another. You have to just instantly talk naturally to that person and allows the flow of conversation. In Facebook, you could just find a random picture and share it or just take a break by saying “Be right back or something?”

It is not noticeable whether that person is a sociable person or a social recluse. Virtually, you could easily make friends online but reality is always the opposite.

Facebook at the beginning is just a simple site for social communication purposes but it turns out to be more complicated. People just enjoy using Facebook and I think it can still goes on for quite a while. Some parents said Facebook is such a distraction for children but I guess a moderate use is still perfectly. Addictive to Facebook is certainly not a positive thing but it is still better then addicted to drugs, sex, smoking and gaming.

The existence of social media sites is a cycle. As long as human exist, I guess communication tools will remain an essential item in our life.

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