Compliment versus reward

There is no one in this world will even reject a positive feedback from someone.

Whether a not is a tiny praise from some stranger, friends or family, I’m sure you will feel on cloud nine after hearing that.

A sense of euphoria just flows in your vein.

Compliment is an act of praising someone via the mouth. You talk to that person and tell them something nice about them.

When a friend cooked you a plate of noodles and you think it is on top of the world. You speak to your friend and tell her:”Oh my gosh, I think your noodle is the best!”

Well definitely you knew your friend welcomes you for the next meal.

Reward is an act of praising someone via the action. You show to that person how amazing they are by giving some initiative to either encourage them or being supportive and proud of them.

When your son won in an essay competition, you are happy for him. You show him how proud you are to have a son like him by giving him a gift, small or big or take him to his favourite restaurant. Every of these counted as a reward.

I like they way that compliment brings confident to the person and reward brings confirmation and assurance to the person.

There was once I met a person that thinks compliment is nothing and reward is the key to success.

He told me that action is the main substance that he finds it a powerful tool and rewards are like evidence to his success.

When someone complimented you, you can’t predict when it happens. Sometimes, is an instantaneous thing. It is impossible to record down the compliment you received as a mark of your success.

Therefore, people still look forward to rewards compared to compliments.

There are some people that thinks compliments are a must to what they do in their life.

My friend that plays all sorts of instruments from violin to piano and to guitar.

She said to me that:” When my music teacher tells me that I play well in any particular songs, the words are like a power drink to me!”

This does shows that certain people are looking for compliments rather than reward. Of course, the teacher could give my friend a reward but that would be after a week when she remembers it. That time, it doesn’t work effectively as an encouragement to my friend.

My friend said:” Rewards are good but I tend to be too proud, thinking that I am the best among the students of my music teacher.”

Several compliments can be given out ranging from good job to perfect. Reward can be given out too but ranging is a little bit complicated.

Therefore, compliment is a significant entity that people acknowledge you instantly. You can just tell that the person adores what you did or what you are instantly.

Compliments are different from rewards in a way that compliments have their simplicity and people judge you by just react to your action, gesture, and expression such as  you are funny, nice smile, you are fast, you are tall or you are hardworking.

I bet people don’t give reward as a praise for your humour or your looks well except for beauty pageants and comedian award.

Talk about awards, reporters tend to ask actors or actresses whether they would wish to receive an award.

This question definitely signifies the importance of an award aka a reward.

So if there are a fan base supporting you, love your movies and love your acting. These are compliments.

Then receiving the title of best actor of Oscar or Academy. This is a reward.

In conclusion, the desirable level varies for each individual. Some are contented and satisfied of the skills or talents that were given. Some crave for the acknowledgement of others. Some are looking forward to rewards. Some are searching for a ladder to wealth. Not greedy enough? Some are looking for power and control.

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