Since we are born, we knew that body plays an important role in society. Even without needing to acquire this form of knowledge, our mind knew beforehand on how others and ourselves perceive the ‘body’. It is an information that attached in our mind.

The body and identity intertwines with one another. The body structure tells us the meaning constructed in the body.

When we see a fat person, we knew that he or she is overweight or have been doing excessive eating.

Not only the fatness forms a physically negative image but in some ways people are able to relate laziness with a fat person.

But how exactly people see fatness in others? Social construction has been influenced by the popular culture that surrounds us with explicit images and formulated concepts. People perceived the information quite passively especially from the media.

We see famous models and actors, actresses in a perfect and likable body. We see the opposite gender admiring and complimenting their bodies. We received the message thinking that we should be like them.

As a woman myself, the message is clear that men like those “bodies”.

The images just puts off the idea that fat body is actually okay. It is not okay and definitely the concept become more relevant from scientific proven that fatness in body should be eliminated.

Even in films and movies, fat people are structured in a certain way that is not amiable compared to a character that has an acceptable body.

There was another form of suggestion that the images of everyone liking to be skinny is not learned but innate. Well, I am really doubting with the fact that we were born with the idea of wanting to be slim.

But, I guess environment factor is one of the main causes. Peers, family and the community you are living.

Are your friends and family into keeping fit? This does influence a person’s perception. Does your community encourages fitness and activities? This does influence the mindset of health in individuals.

We want to change our identity through the body. People want to get rid of fatness from their identity. Nobody wants to associate with fatness in their body.

Body has become so vital that people started to look after ‘it”.

Going to the gym is normal and trying to eat less just to keep the body shape is a typical thing to do.

This creates a culture embedded in our society full of body conscious and health conscious. There are diets for people who wish to lose weight and exercises that are able to burn fats excessively.

Later on, people started to have eating disorder especially those who were too conscious of their body shape. The two commons disorder are anorexia and bullimia. Psychologically, patients who are diagnosed with two of these illnesses have struggle to have a correct perception of the body.

A wrong mentality of the body can kill a person physically. Not only does your body lack of the imperative nutrients but also your mind is circulated around being skinny and with desire of wanting a perfect body.

The visual of body will definitely remain in our minds vividly especially in a developed country. People often emphasis on having a perfect body. Even a perfect body does not contribute to society, however people just kept asking for it and wishing to have it.

Still, health is more applicable then having this curvy or perfect body. Being healthy by exercising regularly and eating properly means going towards a correct pathway. No matter what, going over the body limit is really unnecessary,

When you know how people suffer from hunger, you knew making yourself hungry or wasting food are not an ethical thing to do.

When you know how people doesn’t have a healthy body due to the environment and they suffer from certain chronic diseases, you knew that keeping your body physically and mentally healthy is a right thing to do especially when you are living in such a clean and prosperous country.


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