Religion has always been a vital issue to discuss upon. It a global affair that no one has the power to driven in a way that they wanted.

Sir Edward Burnett Tylor is an English anthropologist and he defines that religion as the belief of spirituals.

However, in the typical context, religion is a belief or worship of a particular God or Goddess. Some may need to carry out certain activities in showing respect to the God.

Suppose that religion is based on individual’s belief and the faith you have in it.

However, it was surprising to find that certain religion likes to spread their belief to others.

Religion is meant to calm our inner minds and bring relaxation and peace.

Religion has the function of guiding us to a correct pathway and led us to stay away from evil and the darkness.

The values of all religions are well-constructed and I myself respect the values that were being taught in religion.

As you can’t control the family that you are born into. I guess our religion values and culture was meant to follow our parents’ footstep.

I felt that there is a sense of belonging and an attitude of loyalty that makes me not wanting to change my religion. I wanted to be just like my family. My family is everything to me. I would like to stick to where I belong and where I have originated. I do not like changes.

It is a tricky thing to handle when your partner is holding the beliefs of other religion.

You wanted to let them know that this is a never ending question to be answered as who should follow who’s religion and should we withhold and stay onto our respective religion. I guess, these are just entities in life.

I was told that there are certain couples that break up due to religion conflicts and the differences perspective in religion.

It is just saddening to hear that as the couples do not have any contradiction and tension between them on issues like money, love, attitude and loyalty toward each other but RELIGION??!!

I was around 10 when I first step into a church, it was grand, sophisticated, magnificent and just beautiful.

I thought to myself that I would like a wedding to be in a church. That time I wasn’t too aware of the religion thing.

I did not think it was an ordeal until it really does affect a relationship.

Religion reflects your identity as well. People who understands the virtues of a religion, would realize how it creates a character of yourself.

Religion is definitely beneficial in our life. There are some that chose the pathway of commitment and some chosen to be neutral while some chosen to just ignore about it.

I would also like to discuss briefly on religion and certain cultural prospects and social development.

As we knew that our cultures intertwines with the religion of ours.

Cultures are the practices in our daily life, the generated meanings and the principles we share.

Culture does have the influence on our religion. Culture can be in an environment context like where we live in. For instance, if I grew up in a Western side,  I would most likely to be a Christian. If I live in India, I would most probably a Hindu?

I could argue that the modern culture of non-religion believers has create a huge impact on to the future generation.

The attitude of the younger generation are less traditional thinking in a way that religion is suppressing their freedom and liberty.

I wonder religion will retain and sustain in the long run with such future generation?

Therefore when both religion and culture intertwine with one another, there comes the social changes.

It does not just involve the individual’s choices of which religion and belief but it is the concern of community and nation.

We could see riots happening that includes religion context. We could see how a country developed based on religion from a economical perspective. We could see the activeness of the society based on the number of churches and temples. We could see the general scope of religion in our society from festivals and celebration. We could see which religion has been reported more on the global media sphere, that determines the power of certain religion. For example, the recent news coverage of the Christian leader retired from his position.

Religion will always be in such awkward yet sensitive position. However, that does not stop us from discussing about it. I really do think that religion is like a shadow in our life. We seek for its help when we are lost. We pray when we feel the insecurity but nevertheless some may think it is better to pay for the kindness of our God/Goddess. No offense to those who strongly believes and  committed greatly to their religion.

There is no right or wrong in this matter. As long as you feel happy with it, just continue what you are doing.


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