Media question

Someone has finally asked me:” What do you study in media?”

I have answered her briefly with full honesty.

I study the general theories of media, the development of media, the media policies and the influence of technological innovation.

By making sense of the media capacity, I am able to understand the purpose of it, transforming and remaking the world into an exciting place with my critical thinking.

Media studies include the history of media such as traditional media, print media and digital media. How they have influence us socially and economically?

The media industry is a boom as we have came to realize many corporates, government, schools and business sectors readily depend on media tools for communication and other purposes.

Media generally is a broad term as media can be sub-categorized into many others field.

People who study media can be working on producing films and documentaries.

People who study media can be working as a news reporter or a news anchor.

Some may become a lecturer who teaches students about media.

Some may become a media specialist, analyzing the scope of media in our society.

There are some working in publishing companies or advertising companies as an editor or a journalist.

Well, not everyone who studies media has the qualification to take on any of these jobs.

You have to be bold, determined, outgoing, creative and think critically on a different perspective.   

Going forward to the future, we are not aware how media may have change and whether we  will still depend heavily on them.

With the Internet, information and tasks can be done easily with computers.

Does paperwork still exists? Does human power still a necessity?

Such advance technology, who would want to look back at the time where everyone is holding the newspaper to acquire the daily current affairs?

The stages of media change is of similar as weather changes.

You couldn’t predict. You couldn’t control. The power does not lie in our hands.

Well, nothing is easy. Everybody has a stereotype that people who studies media has more free time compared to accounting student, science students and law students and most importantly, no exams! But have anyone of you thought that media students have their dilemma and some may struggle to even continue the course.


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