the silent outburst of rays

Someone once told me that his mum wants him to take up photography.

I wasn’t sure that is a good thing.

A hobby is something you enjoy and not something that you think will be useful in the future.

Despite the fact that hobby requires time and effort, the passionate people out there quite remarkably amazed you with their hobby.

A hobby could turn out to become your life.
At first it was your interest and then it becomes your passion.

With so many experiences in hand, your hobby becomes a job.

In movies, we saw the character time travel back to time or even future.

This is to remind us that we can’t change the decision we made.
Nevertheless, do not take up a hobby if you aren’t interested in.
Time is running out and we do not have much to waste in our life.

This picture tells me that this particular sunset that I captured will be the only one. There won’t be any time travel back and snapping the same shot.

Once I have chosen this sunset means I am choosing this journey of life. There is no second life.

I am done. I am the silent rays. I am ready to conquer and continue this difficult path alone.

the silent outburst of rays

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