This word has existed since the end of the Cold war.

We have realized Modernization is a good thing if you are living in a fully developed nation.

Develop nation means a nation that consists a community that is constantly having the qualification to serve their “well-being” such as a great capacity of income, invest properties and consume resources. This society has a standard living that is gradually increasing day by day.

Modernization has certainly become futile as it creates a separate world in this universe.

That world is the Third world nation. It is a nation that couldn’t able to have their “well-having” materials such as food and water. This denotes the minimum material consumption yet they can’t afford to have it. 

Modernization occurs reasonably as most individuals want to move out from traditional and being able to fit into the society that they are living. There are certain demands that were made by society and should be internalized for most individuals. They equipped themselves with modern knowledge and ideology. They possess materials that suit with their new identities.

On the other hand, certain individuals are still fighting against poverty and hunger or even human rights. The suffocation comes from the act of cruel government, inappropriate management, corruption, greed and unorganized policies yet these were all historically being reported irrelevantly as natural hazards.

Modernization which focuses on the progress articulating the economic growth, social cause and politic condition has remarkably creates a generation that formulates inequality and certainly, people understand the severeness of this problem.

People are aware that something should be done. It is not something that can be solved easily with a large amount of money.

This link between Third World nation and modern nation should identify the problem and work together to solve this crisis.

The problem with modernization is that certain community refuses to adopt this idea and are too stubborn to accept help from other developed or developing nations.

I am a person living in a developing nation yet I would welcome for modernizing my own country and hometown. 

I would certainly want everyone living in peace with sufficient of food and clean water supply.

Certainly it is not as easy as ABC, we need analysis, we need planning, we need evaluation, we need ideas, we need strategies, we need more helps, we need to incorporate certain theories into it.

The answer to this problem is not to help them with financial problem because we can’t afford to help them forever.

The key idea is to provide education, substantial amount of useful information on how to develop a nation, train the people and build them up rather than “help” them out. 

Living in a nation that supports modernization yet willing to lend a helping hand to others at the same time is a favourable action. Help has a limit therefore creating this awareness is so vital, not just to us but the people out there that needs help. 

Certainly, we need huge corporations’ and organizations’ help to initialize all these.

Modernization…by viewing in a positive outlook, it can be done.

Well, besides that, an effective international communication is imperative to bridge the gap of different nationality and ethnicity from the Third world nation.

Develop is to improve the quality of life. Certainly, we should all look forward to it. 



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