Being an audience


Since the invention of television, I have realize that humans are quite capable of doing something amazing.


Even though I do not fall under the amazing category, I would still like to praise this wonderful creation.


My experience being an audience has started since I was born.


I was born in 1993 which is a starting phase of technologies booming rapidly of globalisation.


Computers during that time were slow, but I still enjoy the children games in it.


Well, that’s not my main point.


Being audience is not just sitting down in front of the square box.


Being audience is not just lying down on your bed watching series on your laptop.


Being audience is not going to the cinema with your friends, enjoying popcorn and soda.


Being audience is connecting yourself with the film, series and documentaries of any genre you are watching.


Connecting means to put yourself into the character’s position.


The moment the movie starts, the moment your favourite sitcom starts, your attention is onto that square thing and onto that narrative.


Once I was a kid, I have enjoyed watching people dancing and singing at the same time.


I had my best time of my life on my parents’ bed hopping and singing.


Being audience is not just about enjoying yourself, you feel that blood rushing into you.


Once I grew up a little, I started to watch romantic series.


I had my imagination going, thinking of the future.


Having high expectation on my future relationship, whether it is going to work out the way I wanted.


Being audience is by changing your values and perception, besides for entertainment and knowledge purposes.


Then later, I started to watch tragedy film which is too devastating that I broke down and cry.


The thing with me and this sort of films is that the films are remarkably touching.


As such an emotional audience, tears just unstoppable for me.


Being an audience, you relate the character’s tragedy to yourself.


That tragedy occurs on you, it imprinted on your mind and triggers the disheartening side of you.


After that, I was able to go to a cinema to watch a movie.


A different experience as an audience indeed, I laugh with other audiences, I cry with other audiences.


Being audience was not just watching and understanding the movie but to share this mutual entertainment with others.


I wasn’t a fan of documentaries but my dad and brother like watching them so I sat down with them on the sofa, sharing the stories that were being told.


Some were about wars, some were about real life stories, some were about wild life, some were food and culture around the world and some were about science fiction and mythology.


It was an endless list and I have learn a lot being an audience.


Being an audience is not just to make yourself emotionally connected to the film, but realise the events that occur around us. The nature, the culture and the ideologies are imperative in life.


Being audience is not being unique or smart.


Many of you will wonder. If you are not smart, how would you understand the story being told in screen?


That is true but the most vital part is your hearts and minds accept yourself being an audience.


Some audience that do not appreciate the film will eventually do not accept himself or herself as audience of this particular film, thus his or her soul is not connecting with the screening.





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