Being a human

There was something funny about human beings.

They will always be lovely to the person they adore.

They will always be hostile to the person they despise.

They will always be doubtful of the choices they made.

They will always be considering of the choices others made.

They were sometimes restless yet calm in mind.

They were sometimes quite yet complicated in mind.

They were sometimes strong yet crying to themselves.

They were sometimes weak yet smiling to everyone.

Humans have passion, dreams, feelings and emotions.

Humans have desires, greed, violence, fake side.

We know we are tired.
We know we have changed.
We know we are humans.
We know our capabilities.

Without having a teacher to teach us the behaviours and attitude of us human beings, we human beings have experience from our own kind.

I have once seen a friend that steals a friend’s partner.
I have once seen a friend that speaks badness of my other friend.
I have once seen a friend that betrays the other friend.
I have listened to their heart, telling them to let go.

To pursue happiness is to let go of the past.
Thank the people that have hurt you as they have shown you the dark side of the human world.

All humans are stubborn to change, that is why there are conflicts that lead to war.

All humans have a soft spot which is why in the end of a fight, always turns out peaceful.

All humans shared the mutual aspects in their life whether it is family, friends, love and work.
I am thankful to be a human.


Being a human

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