Looking out from the window

Dark clouds gathered

Drops of rain started to take over

I thought of the word “Sacrifice”

Scattered rain I saw as I  imagine how Nature has sacrifice its tears to provide water supply…

Sacrifice ain’t an easy task, however it has its simplicity.

Throughout life, we spotted sacrifice from the people around us, the events that took place and even the social-political changes that occur in our surroundings.

Those little things are big things to some of us.

Sacrifice needs a huge gathering of courage, determination, effort, kindness and love.

Without courage, there is no action.

Without determination, there is no continuity.

Without effort, there is no result.

Without kindness, there is no justice.

Without love, there is nothing.

Sacrifice is everything and being sacrificing is wonderful when the people you sacrificed for acknowledge your truth worthy, is hurtful when the people you sacrificed for despise you and misunderstands you.

The world has no equality, everyone is waiting for the day. So, there will be people sacrificing.

Dark clouds travelling in a moderate speed, I wonder where will they take Nature’s tears….

Tears of sacrifice, I wonder are those shed of sad tears or the joy of tears?


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