Looking for inspiration on writing



Writing has always been a joy to me.

Even though I am incomparable and impeccable compared to some fantastic talents around the world.

I will still adore this hobby.

Reading fiction novel has always been my past time since I was little.

I love English even as a second language. 

The year of 2013 is my second year pursuing my degree.

Well I guess from my post, the message is clear of what I am currently studying.

Can you guess?

First month at university has always been full of excitement and anticipation.

The expectation of what you are going to study, what sort of assessments you have to do and the most important thing that concerns everyone is the challenges that you have to face this semester. 

Whether that you are able to cope with university life and whether you can survive?

Anyway, I have decided to create a blog.

Not because of others but myself.

I do not intend to gain popularity even that I wish to…but I intend to improve my writing skills.

I do hope that I am able to reach my target of writing a post a day till the day that I think I have written enough, I shall stop then.


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